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MOOC(Massive Open Online Course)
is a web-based course that is set up for a predefined learning goal, and it enables thousands of learners to participate. MOOC offers new educational environments that enable for learners to make interactive learning such as discussion, quiz, Q & A between professors and learners and among learners as compared to a standard web-based course.
In addition, learners will share knowledges among different learners with different backgrounds, which will lead to a new learning experience beyond the fence of the university.
In October, 2015 K-MOOC
launched its course with 27 courses from 10 domestic leading universities such as Seoul National University and KAIST, and provided 140 courses in '16, and more than 500 courses up to ‘18 expanding the number of lectures every year

Based on the advanced ICT infrastructure environment and e-learning technology, Korea has already achieved the world's highest level of IT education in the world. In the future, we will do our best to become K-MOOC as a global luxury brand.


a balance of practical opportunities in higher education
innovation of university education through an open higher education system
K-MOOC aims to realize a balance of practical opportunities in higher education by offering all lectures free
with the vision of "innovation of university education through an open higher education system" Ultimately,
it will establish a lifelong learning foundation for higher education and contribute to national human resources development.

Propulsion progress


Established and announced of standard plan for the pilot operation of K-MOOC
Announced K-MOOC pilot project and selected participating universities (10 domestic universities, 27 courses)
Built platform and infrastructure for operating K-MOOC service
※ Established platform using open source software (Open edX) considering initial service stability, international compatibility of contents, and its development period
K-MOOC ( 'Opened'


Established the plan for operating K-MOOC in '16
Additional selected MOOC University (10 schools) and lecture development (10 domestic universities)


KMOOC Online courses available for everyone K-MOOC

College (postgraduate) student


  • Pre-class preparation and additional learning
  • Pre-study of major changed students
  • Learning other majors and interested areas


  • Use the contents during online course
  • Various activities through Flipped Learning
  • Improvement of teaching-learning methods and application of excellent teaching methods


  • Provide learning opportunities for courses that are not yet open to the University
  • Opening a course through content utilization and co-development
  • Develop teaching-learning strategies through learning data analysis
Common learners


  • Utilization of employment by strengthening individual competency
  • Learning history management through lifelong learning account system
  • Basic learning for various qualifications, exam preparation, etc.


  • Utilization of in-work employee training
  • Learn the latest knowledge trends
  • Occupational skills development
retiree/lifelong learner


  • Discover entrepreneurial items and utilize information
  • Personal development support such as personal hobby activity