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Hanyang University opened as an aspiring engineering institute in 1939 with the founding principles: 'Application of Knowledge' and 'Love in Deed.' Based on this tradition of pursuing innovation and service to society, Hanyang has secured its position as one of the nation's top ranking institutions.

The university educates individual students to become more competent and incomparable in the society pursuing the primary value that the Hanyang cultivates human resources who can make a contribution to the world. Thus, Hanyang has been able to earn reputation as the engine of Korea. 'Application of Knowledge' and 'Love in Deed.' and utilitarianism are the indispensable values and ultimate indicator of our school to designate our students as more like Hanyang People.

In the future, we will lead the society and world employing creativeness and contribution under the philosophy, 'Application of Knowledge' and 'Love in Deed.' All of Hanyang students will prepare for the driving force behind the society development and contribute to the community and the world by sharing social responsibilities as a member of society.